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EnvironmentNicolas Cage: With insects we will overcome world hunger

Nicolas Cage: With insects we will overcome world hunger

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American actor Nicolas Cage believes that eating insects can solve the problem of world hunger and has called for eating insects for the greater good. He shared his thoughts on eating bugs with Yahoo Entertainment during a joint interview with his Renfield co-star Nicholas Hoult.

“If you get rid of the fear and phobia of insects, you can solve the problem of world hunger. These foods are high in protein, fat-free, with great nutrients. And most importantly, they are everywhere!” commented the artist about the benefits from the bugs. However, he himself admits that this is unlikely to ever happen.

The unusual topic of the interview arose during the discussion of the film “Renfield”, the world premiere of which took place in March 2023. According to the script, the main actor Nicholas Hoult had to eat bugs – crickets and Colorado beetles.

On set, Holt feasted on insects cooked in butter, spices and caramel. He shared that he didn’t like the taste of the Colorado beetle, but liked the crickets.

Illustrative Photo by Egor Kamelev: https://www.pexels.com/photo/macro-photography-of-jewel-beetle-on-green-leaf-1114318/

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