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EuropeA total of 10% of France's population are migrants

A total of 10% of France’s population are migrants

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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Migrants make up about 10% of France’s population. This is shown by the data of the country’s national statistical office – “INSEE” for 2021, cited by DPA.

According to the cited statistics, about 7 million people of the population of France were born in a different country. About a third of them have already received French citizenship.

The figures show that just under half of these migrants were born in Africa – 47.4% of the total. A total of 33.1% came from other European countries, while 13.6% were from Asian countries.

When it comes to specific countries of origin, most migrants came to France from Algeria, (12.7%), Morocco (12%), Portugal (8.6%), Tunisia (4.5%), Italy (4.1%), Turkey (3.6%) and Spain (3.5%).

On the other hand, French people leaving the country are significantly fewer than foreigners arriving – for every four arriving migrants, one Frenchman leaves the country, statistics show.

French people leaving the country far outnumber incoming migrants – 1 to four, according to statistics.

“They don’t respect the rules enough, that’s why we have to force them”, are categorical in Paris

Increased crime in the country has led to discussion of a new immigration law that would make it easier to deport unwanted foreigners, especially when they have committed a crime. The new texts value also regulating the legalization of undocumented illegal migrants who work in key sectors of the economy with a lack of labor.

Criticism of the government’s draft law is coming from both the left and the right. According to conservative parties in the French parliament, the texts are too liberal, and migration should be severely limited. The left believes that the proposals are too strict and inhumane.

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