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InternationalErdogan is pleased with the decision to travel between Serbia and Turkey...

Erdogan is pleased with the decision to travel between Serbia and Turkey only with an ID card

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at a press conference on September 7 that during the meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, the importance of peace in the Western Balkans was once again confirmed, reports Kosovo-online.

Erdogan said he was very pleased as the agreement was signed when it comes to crossing administrative lines with only ID cards of Serbian and Kosovo citizens and said that Turkey is ready to provide support in any way to reach a solution in the relations between Belgrade and Pristina. He added that he hoped that an agreement would be reached on the registration numbers as soon as possible, as well as on other problematic issues.

“We have always sincerely supported solving problems through dialogue and will continue to do so,” Erdogan said.

He emphasized that his visit to Serbia will bring special results both for the two countries and for this region.

The President of Turkey thanked Vucic for his hospitality and stated that the talks were extremely fruitful.

He also added that the two presidents exchanged views on the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Our relations with Serbia, which are at an excellent level, are developing every day. Serbia will be the sixth country whose citizens will be able to travel to Turkey only with an ID card with a chip,” Erdogan added.

He said that the first steps on this topic have been taken since yesterday in BiH and added that the agreements will be signed at the UN General Assembly.

“Our economic relations are the driving force of our cooperation, the volume of our trade exchange continues to grow steadily despite the pandemic. Last year, the growth was 33 percent, and the overall target is five billion dollars in trade exchange,” Erdogan said.

The Serbia-Turkey business forum that we will be attending is, in his opinion, an indication of our goodwill, the Turkish president added, and stated that Turkish companies have $800 million worth of jobs in Serbia.

“When it comes to the Novi Pazar-Tutin road, it is the result of Vucic’s visionary approach. The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency is implementing 350 projects in Serbia and we will soon start the renovation of the Bayrakli Mosque,” Erdogan announced, saying that every year millions of citizens travel to Turkey via Serbia.

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