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InternationalSigns in Bulgarian scare thieves in the London subway

Signs in Bulgarian scare thieves in the London subway

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The police in London are apparently squealed by the Bulgarian pickpockets

Signs in Bulgarian warning pickpockets that the police are monitoring their actions have appeared in London.

“We are actively monitoring you, you are targeted”, reads the inscription on the sign in the subway.

The photo was shared on social networks by travel blogger Bobby Ilinov.

London’s Metropolitan Police have apparently been hissed by the Bulgarian pickpockets and have resorted to an unusual approach to warn them off. With a yellow sign, in Bulgarian, the following text is written: “The police are warning. Pickpockets, be careful! We are actively watching you, you are being targeted!”.

On Facebook, other Bulgarians who live in the capital of the United Kingdom share that there were other signs with the text: “Beware of thieves – Bulgarians!”. Many people ask why a cosmopolitan city with a mayor of Pakistani origin puts all Bulgarians under one denominator in this ugly way.

The police certainly have a serious problem with our pickpockets, which, however, can be solved in another way, especially since the entire subway and a large part of the streets are surrounded by cameras.

Photo credit: TrafficNews

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