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ENTERTAINMENTCheck if you have big ears!

Check if you have big ears!

Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

Large ears, also called macrotia, are a well-known trait that bothers many people. But anyway, there is no perfect ear size. They usually range from 6 cm in women to 7 cm in men – vertically. When the distance from the tip of the upper edge to the lower edge of the soft part is more than 7 cm, an option for possible correction through the possibilities of aesthetic surgery can already be allowed – but this also depends on the proportion of the ears to the face.

It has long been proven that human ears are as unique as fingerprints. Many people assume that a person’s character can be determined by his ears. Naturally, whether we will believe this or not is a separate matter – but in any case it is curious. Some followers of physiognomy believe the following regarding the ears.

Big ears. Such ears show that the person has an active character – but only if they have clear contours. A smooth, well-shaped auricle indicates logic and intelligence. Feel free to trust such people. Large fleshy ears with drooping soft pads indicate wisdom and nobility. In the East, it is believed that spiritual guides and teachers often have such large ears.

Medium sized ears. Owners of middle ears are lucky in love, but careers often do not go well for them, and the financial situation leaves much to be desired. In this case, it is good to pay attention to the shape and size of the earlobe. A fleshy pillow indicates a strong-willed character, while a thin and small one indicates a lack of vitality and career failure.

Small ears. If your interlocutor’s ears are thick and small, most likely the person in front of you is a liar and often cheats. It is better not to start a conversation with him about art – he is not interested in such “high” matters. However, small thin ears are a sign of refined taste. However, if they are too thin, almost to the point of transparency, then you have a passionate, but nervous and short-tempered person in front of you.

Pointed ears. If the ears are pointed like the elves (at least that’s how they are shown in Lord of the Rings), this indicates a suspicious inconsistency of character. It is difficult for such people to get to know each other, to trust someone. By the way, the owners of such “elfin” ears themselves do not see anything dishonorable in deceiving others for their own benefit – they are cunning and calculating.

Ears with a wide opening. If one or even two fingers easily fit in the ear, then we are talking about a smart, generous, open person who is destined for a long life.

Ears with a narrow opening. If even a finger cannot enter the ear, such people are considered stingy, narrow-minded and secretive. They are in a state of continuous stress and live little. Why the physiognomy is so harsh on narrow-canal ears is unclear – but that’s the situation, what to do…

Ear cushion. The ear cushion – the soft lower part of the ear – and a person’s character are also interconnected. If it is almost absent, it is considered to prove a hard character. An elongated, slightly curved pillow is a sign of sincerity. You can have a frank conversation with such a person. And the very long pillow speaks of high sexuality. Accordingly, it is an indicator of a tendency to cheating.

Of course, only we decide whether to believe all these generalizations. The main thing is not to get too carried away by them and not to spoil your relationship with someone just because of their ears – these, after all, are only uncertain hypotheses close to superstition!

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