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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
ENTERTAINMENTAlla Pugacheva bought a pressure chamber for 50,000 EUR

Alla Pugacheva bought a pressure chamber for 50,000 EUR

The Russian pop star gave Philip Kirkorov the first place among the most influential musicians in the country

Not only Philip Kirkorov, but also his ex-wife Alla Pugacheva follows in the footsteps and follows the eccentricities of Michael Jackson. The Russian pop star bought a barometer to improve her health, StarHit reported. The device, under the influence of whose pressure the body absorbs oxygen several times faster than usual, was ordered in Israel, where the singer spent the last few months after the start of the war in Ukraine. Its value is 3 million rubles, or over 48,000 euros.

At the time of the order, the star was in the Israeli city of Caesarea, but then she rented a villa in Latvia and moved there with her husband Maxim Galkin and their twins Lisa and Gary, which is why she could not receive the delivery, the publication revealed. “Since Alla Borisovna herself is listed in the “client” column in the contract, she must personally accept the pressure chamber. But at one point, when it became clear that there were problems with the international delivery, her manager stopped answering the phones. So in the end it turned out that the capsule was paid for, but still waiting for its owner in the warehouse. Maybe in September he will finally get it if he returns to Russia, “says a representative of the seller company.

It will soon be 6 months since the diva left Russia with her family. She explained the departure with the intention to rest and take care of her health. The 73-year-old star was repeatedly criticized on social networks for her decision. The queen of the Russian stage responded succinctly to the attacks that “vacation, leave and treatment are not emigration.” Currently, the family is in the villa in the resort of Jurmala, which they have been renting every summer for the past few years. Meanwhile, it became clear that for the first time in several years, Pugacheva is not at the top of the list of the most influential musicians in the country. According to the poll, Philip Kirkorov is in the lead, reports KP.RU. Despite the confusing statements of Kirkorov, who called the Russian military in Ukraine “heroes”, it appears that his rating among fans has increased. Research holding Romir polls a wide audience of Russian citizens four times a year to determine the main influencers in various fields. In the sphere of the music industry, Kirkorov, who was born in Bulgaria, climbed to the top of the list for the first time, and Alla Pugachova was in fourth place. She was also overtaken by the vocalist of the group “Eskadron” Oleg Gazmanov and the TV presenter, singer and actress Olga Buzova. The musicians Yuri Shevchuk, Sergey Shnurov, Nikolai Baskov, Grigoriy Leps, Nikolai Rastorguev and Andrey Makarevich are also in the Top 10.

Photo: Alla Pugacheva / Shutterstock

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