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EconomyThis has never happened before: 58 Russian tour operators immediately ceased their...

This has never happened before: 58 Russian tour operators immediately ceased their activities

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The last May order of Rostourism set a sad record – for the first time 58 tour operator companies of outbound tourism left the market at once. Moreover, only four of them left the market voluntarily – mostly they were deleted from the register of tour operators due to the inability to find an insurer – 54 companies suffered from this.

So, the following tour operators were among the companies deleted from the register due to failure to provide information about the availability of financial security for a new period:

1. LLC (Limited Liability Company) “Taiga x-tour”


3. LLC “Golden Horse”

4. LLC “Travel agency “My Passport”

5. LLC “Movement of Light”

6. LLC “Sport Invest Group”

7. LLC “Icebreaker”

8. LLC “Anabar Tour”

9. LLC “Planet Yakutia”

10. LLC “TatianaToursCompany”

11. Trade and industrial company “Exhibitions, conferences and business events” LLC

12. LLC “Dream Tour”

13. LLC “Dalintourist”

14. LLC “Vivat”

15. LLC “Le.To-Rise”

16. LLC “Svena-Tour”

17. LLC “Vismant”


19. Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution “All-Russian Research Institute of Hunting and Fur Breeding named after Professor B.M. Zhitkov”

20. LLC “Business Travel”

21. LLC “Fly tour”

22. LLC “Mintur”

23. Intersputnik LLC

24. LLC “Discovery-South”

25. LLC “Ekaterinburg-Center”

26. LLC “Intour-plus”

27. OOO “Hotel Management Company”

28. OOO International Consulting Group Megaland

29. LLC “Inco-Travel”

30. LLC “Excursion and tourist agency “Eksta LTD”

31. LLC “Intel-T”

32. LLC “Vitors”

33. LLC “Edelweiss”

34. LLC “Nevsky Paradise”

35. OOO “Insider Tour”

36. LLC “East Express”

37. LLC “Alliance Travel Company”

38. LLC Training center “Fregat”

39. LLC “Travel Ural”

40. LLC “Hunting Club of the Urals”

41. LLC “Tour agency Aguna”

42. LLC “Conference Bureau”

43. Turbaza Polyana LLC

44. LLC “Express Tour”

45. LLC “SKO Health and Rest”

46. ​​Ekka-Sochi-Travel LLC

47. LLC “Spartak-Tour”

48. LLC “TOR”

49. LLC “Atlas”

50. Malibu Travel Agency LLC

51. LLC “Golden Orchid”

52. LLC “Children’s creative center “Pioneer”

53. LLC “Splim Group”

54. LLC “Baska Tut”

As for tour operators, information about which was excluded from the Register in connection with the submission of an application for the termination of tour operator activities, i.e. those who voluntarily left the market, there are four such companies:

1. LLC “Helena Yungmanova-Travel agency Astra”

2. OOO “Scandika”

3. LLC “American Travel Company”

4. LLC “Vyaches Arturo”

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