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ReligionChristianitySerbian Patriarch Porphyry: God looked at us and had mercy on us

Serbian Patriarch Porphyry: God looked at us and had mercy on us

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Archbishop Stefan and Patriarch Porphyry, together with bishops of the Macedonian Orthodox Church – the Ohrid Archbishopric and the Serbian Orthodox Church, celebrated a liturgy of reconciliation today at the St. Sava Church in Belgrade.

In his address, Archbishop Stefan thanked the Serbian Orthodox Church for accepting the decision of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

We thank God for fulfilling the time and today we found a fraternal understanding with His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Porphyry and members of the Council of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church, which only a few days after learning the decision of the Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, led by Patriarch decided in the same spirit to restore the Eucharistic and canonical unity of our local churches, “said Archbishop Stefan.

“Heaven and earth rejoice, saints rejoice, Saint Sava and his heirs rejoice. Today we have gathered in this covenant temple of the Serbian people, dedicated to Saint Sava, to know this day, which God created, to rejoice and rejoice in it. The Church is one because God is One and is the Head of the Church. We build unity and maintain order in the Church. Brothers and sisters, communion in unity is sacred, and we should not be surprised that it is opposed by the forces of this world who are against God and do not want Christ. Christ is the mirror; in Him we can see who we are and what we are. Demonic forces are against unity, they need polarization and division… Therefore, regardless of their goals, our goal is to fulfill the call of Christ and be one. We had a schism that lasted 55 years, with our brothers from Macedonia. This wound was deep and painful. We thought about this wound, got up and went to bed, and longed for it to heal. The wound is healed now, and it is a gift from God. Brother hierarchs, our joy is immeasurable. It is the joy of God’s love that we are one in Christ and in the church.

Brothers and sisters from Serbia and Macedonia, today the hearts of our peoples were beating for all of us and with us.

It beats in the rhythm of Christ. God has looked at us and has mercy on us! ”Concluded Patriarch Porphyry.

Source: https://religija.mk

Photo: St. Sava Cathedral Church, Belgrade.

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