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What kind of person are you according to the color of your eyes

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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Have you ever thought that our eyes tell the surrounding curious details about ourselves. Scientists believe that the eyes are one of the main sources of information for everyone. Their color tells us about our character, personal energy and even what your ideal partner is. Astrology adds to all this the fact that your entire horoscope is reflected in your eyes.

Archaeological research has shown that the indigenous population of the earth was brown-eyed. The diversity in eye color became a fact after a natural disaster – a collision with a comet that changed the Earth’s orbit, and hence its climate. The ice age put people in an extreme situation – the body had to mutate to survive the human race. As a result of these mutations, people with taller height and eyes in cooler colors appeared – gray and blue. Millennia later, as a result of marriages between people with brown and blue eyes, heirs appeared with different shades of eyes – green, gray-brown, gray-green, etc.

Today, people are generally divided into two types according to the color of their eyes. In general, owners of gray eyes strive to act, and those with brown – to receive. Individuals with mixed eyes – green, colorful – have a more complex energy orientation and have combined characteristics of both types.

Gray or blue eyes

If your eyes are a cooler color, nature requires you to constantly give your energy. You achieve everything in your life alone, without the support of influential people. Fate does not like to give you gifts – for each of its smiles it requires maximum effort from you. You have the energy to achieve high goals and change the world. You are an artist, and the world around you is material for your ingenious ideas. You can achieve anything, as long as you want it hard enough. People with warm eye color have unconditional trust in you. They are happy to know them – because they consider themselves the bearer of new ideas and truths.

Unspent energy deprives you of peace of mind. You will get rid of it easily and painlessly if you communicate with a person of the opposite sex who has warm-colored eyes. Your ideal partner has dark – brown or black – eyes. With such a person you will achieve an ideal exchange of energy – you will gladly give, and your partner will gratefully accept.

According to astrology, the eyes are a combination of the energies of the Sun, Venus Saturn. That’s why you are gifted with attractiveness, sharp mind, bright temperament and sense of humor. You are sociable, you easily communicate with everyone. You are very in love, as fast as you turn on, you go out in a flash. You are sensitive, but not offensive, and you forgive quickly. One of your disadvantages is that you are quite capricious.

Brown or black eyes

If you have dark eyes, then you can call yourself a favorite of fate. When you set a goal, you rely not on hard work, but on your ability to please others. You have enough wisdom not to throw yourself into pointless battles, but to act with charm and diplomacy. Your three main goats are: attractiveness, coquetry and the ability to wait. If you learn to use them skillfully, others will be happy to provide you with everything you want. Remember that blue-eyed and gray-eyed people need to give you their energy – and accept it calmly to give them pleasure. Take good care of your appearance, do not allow negligence in your clothing or hairstyle, unless it is a tactical ploy. Your ideal companion is the one who is ready to pamper you and sacrifice for you. In this sense, choose a person with gray or blue eyes.

Astrologers say that your eyes are a combination of the energies of the Sun and Mars. You have a strong will and determination. Sometimes you are jealous, but you try to hide this quality of yours. You can always be relied on. You are distinguished by individualism, independence, ability to achieve high success. But you can’t stand being advised and criticized.

Green or variegated eye color

Green is an even combination of blue and brown. This means that you are in the “golden mean”. You do not go to extremes, and your main goal in life is to achieve harmony with yourself. You consider every action in detail and often have reason to be proud of your actions. It is very important for you to be happy with the people you care about. If you have nothing to complain about – the world is bright and joyful for you. You definitely know what qualities your close friends have and if someone does not match them, there is no chance to get to your heart.

Your ideal partner has your eye color – green or colorful, but with shades of green.

According to astrologers, you are extremely sensitive because the color of your eyes is a combination of the energies of Venus and Neptune. You love sincerely and passionately and are faithful to your chosen one. Your friends value reliability and kindness in you, and your enemies hate principledness and firmness. A wonderful friend and interlocutor. You are stable, but by no means devoid of imagination. In general, you belong to the most successful category of people.

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