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AmericaThree new Scientology ministers were ordained during a weekend in Budapest

Three new Scientology ministers were ordained during a weekend in Budapest

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Last October 3, an unusual Sunday Service for the Scientology parishioners and those who gathered at the headquarters of the Church. In a religious community that keeps striving, three new Scientology ministers were ordained in one go. They have now received the needed ecclesiastical authorization to service their community.

While in other religious movements is different, in Scientology, single and married men and women can receive the ordination to administer the sacramental teachings and practices of the movement originated by American philosopher L. Ron Hubbard.

“As it was a special occasion, we decided to include a special performance by four talented young musicians to set the tone for the event,” said a spokesperson from the Church in Budapest. The musician performed classical pieces of music culture in a unique arrangement for this event.

The Sunday Service was led by Reverend Krisztián Bocsor, who began with the traditional reading of the Scientology Creed, followed by a sermon from L. Ron Hubbard on the dangerous environment. “The Reverend’s interpretation provided us with essential advice. For example, what to do to counter the devastating impact of bad news; and how to keep ourselves and others in good shape,  to face an environment even if it’s threatening,” said one of the attendees to The European Times.

Reverend Bocsor then called the ministers to be ordained and consecrated to serve the community in the Scientology tradition. As part of the ceremony, the candidates took their religious oaths, including their oaths of ministerial secrecy. Finally, Bocso hung the eight-pointed cross of Scientology around their necks, symbolically endowing all three ministers the full rights and duties. According to Scientology teachings, they can now officially conduct weddings, naming ceremonies, memorial services, funerals, and Sunday Services within the scope of the Church of Scientology. The congregation welcomed the new ministers with joy and applause.

Those attending the unique service then participated in a so-called group auditing, a Scientology spiritual counseling procedure for use in groups to help individuals develop spiritually. Finally, Reverend Bocsor closed the session with a prayer for total freedom that concludes each Sunday Service.

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  1. Awesome article! It is refreshing to see a news outlet that has integrity and can report what they see without so much slanted narrative to indoctrinate the masses.

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