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EuropeAlgeria party: 'European Parliament issues resolution to blackmail country'

Algeria party: ‘European Parliament issues resolution to blackmail country’

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Head of the Algerian Movement of Society for Peace Abderrazak Makri has accused the European Parliament of attempting to blackmail his country by issuing a resolution on the human rights situation in Algeria.

This came in statements made by Makri on Wednesday, during a press conference at the headquarters of the movement (the largest Islamic party in the country) in Algiers. Makri commented at the press conference on a resolution issued by the European Parliament on Thursday, condemning the human rights status in Algeria.

“Those who stand behind this resolution want to blackmail our country… In order to subjugate Algeria to the Western camp, impose tutelage and neo-colonialism on us, and solve their economic problems at the expense of Algeria,” expressed Makri.

He added: “In their resolution, they [European Parliament representatives] relied on reports of Algerian feminist associations that do not exist on the ground and are only present in the capital… They are utilising the opinions of feminist associations that have no real connection with Algerian society.”

“They have brazenly and boldly instructed the ruling regime in Algeria to change the family law because it preserves the foundations of society and limits freedoms,” he continued.

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According to Makri, the European Parliament resolution was “selective” in defending activists who are being harassed by the authorities, as some were defended. In contrast, others were ignored such as the Islamist opposition leader, Ali Benhadj.

On Thursday, the European Parliament approved a resolution criticising the human rights situation in Algeria, describing it as “concerning”.

The European Parliament resolution sparked a wave of anger in Algeria, with the Algerian Foreign Ministry describing it as “an insult” and a denotation of guardianship that dates back to the colonial era.

Algeria’s Foreign Ministry stressed that: “No European institution can interfere in this insolent and unacceptable way in Algeria’s internal affairs,” while warning that this resolution might “harm the relations of Algeria and its European partners.”

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