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EuropeRising Tensions, PiS Vice-President Beata Szydło Challenges EU Policies and Tusk's Leadership

Rising Tensions, PiS Vice-President Beata Szydło Challenges EU Policies and Tusk’s Leadership

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In a recent statement, PiS Vice-President Beata Szydło expressed strong criticism of the European Union’s influence over Polish sovereignty and domestic policies, particularly under the leadership of Donald Tusk. Szydło’s comments come at a critical time as Poland faces significant political and economic decisions influenced by EU directives.

“Recognizing the primacy of European law over Polish law means that the Polish Constitution, the Polish Parliament, and Polish legislation do not matter,” Szydło stated, suggesting that all critical decisions for Poland are being made in Brussels, not Warsaw. She accused Tusk’s government of committing to EU supremacy, which she described as an act detrimental to the state and a betrayal of Poland.

Szydło highlighted the economic implications of EU policies on Poland, especially the Green Deal, which she claims has led to increased energy costs, threatening the livelihood of Polish industries and agriculture. “The media are reporting new waves of group layoffs… Entire plants are being liquidated,” she remarked, attributing these economic hardships to the rising energy costs driven by EU regulations.

The Vice-President also voiced concerns over the potential loss of financial independence if Poland were to adopt the euro, noting that neighboring countries like Slovakia and Lithuania benefit from Poland’s strong trade and competitive prices due to the zloty.

With the European Economic Congress in Katowice as a backdrop, Szydło criticized the EU’s centralization efforts, which could lead to unfavorable decisions such as adopting the euro. “This is very bad information,” she commented, especially as such discussions coincide with the visit of Ursula von der Leyen to Poland, suggesting a deeper integration of Poland into the EU framework.

Furthermore, Szydło accused the current government of saying what Poles want to hear, particularly before elections, without the intention of following through. She cited previous discrepancies between pre-election promises and post-election actions, such as the raising of the retirement age.

In response to these challenges, Szydło called for a strong representation of the Law and Justice (PiS) party in the upcoming European Parliament elections. “We have to go to the elections and stop the crazy Green Deal. How? By simply electing Law and Justice candidates because we will never agree to such solutions being pushed further,” she urged.

Szydło also discussed the direct impact of EU policies on Polish citizens, mentioning the Building Directive which will require costly renovations to meet new EU standards. “People are terrified,” she said, explaining the financial burden faced by those needing to upgrade their homes and heating systems without support from the EU.

As Poland navigates these complex political and economic waters, Szydło’s call to action underscores a growing debate within the country about the future direction of its relationship with the European Union. With the European Parliament elections on the horizon, her remarks set the stage for a pivotal moment in Poland’s political landscape.

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