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NewsMinister Van Peteghem unveils a commemorative coin dedicated to the fight against...

Minister Van Peteghem unveils a commemorative coin dedicated to the fight against cancer.

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Every day, more than 200 Belgians are diagnosed with cancer. It is for them and to support research into the disease that many organizations, volunteers and supporters have been involved for many years. The foundations were laid 100 years ago with the founding of the Belgian National Cancer League. From there the Cancer Foundation and ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’ grew. To honor their commitment and support all those who fight cancer every day, the Royal Mint of Belgium is issuing a commemorative coin worth 2 euros.

“With commemorative coins, we always honor people, events and organizations that have had a significant impact on our country and its people. This commemorative coin is no different. Because for people facing a cancer diagnosis, it seems like the world suddenly stops spinning. These are our doctors, our researchers, but also thousands of volunteers and supporters who prove to them every day that they are not alone. It is for them that the Royal Mint of Belgium is launching this commemorative coin. »

Vincent Van Peteghem, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, responsible for Coordinating the fight against fraud and the National Lottery

Minister Van Peteghem and Currency Commissioner Giovanni Van de Velde presented the commemorative coin at the closing show of the 1000 km ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’. Like every year, the minister traveled the 1000 km himself, traditionally with a team from his hometown, De Pinte. A team founded around ten years ago in tribute to two people and their fight against cancer. It’s stories like this that inspire thousands of people to get on their bikes every year. For them too, this commemorative coin is a sincere thank you.

Two versions, directly available

This latest 2 euro coin from 2024 is offered to you in Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) and in a Proof version. The obverse of the coin features a stylized rainbow at the top, a symbol of hope for a world without cancer, with the mention of the country and the year BE 2024. In the center is the representation of a heartbeat in the form of an awareness ribbon, often pinned to show our solidarity with patients. At the bottom, the bilingual inscription Fight against cancer – Strijd tegen kanker, surrounded by the initials IB of the designer Iris Bruijns, the mark of the commissioner of currencies (an Erlenmeyer flask with a star) and the mark of the Mint Royal Netherlands (the staff of Mercury). As usual, this coincard is available in two languages.

The Proof version comes in a luxury case. Mintage is limited to a maximum of 125,000 and 5,000 coins, respectively. Both versions are also legal tender in all Eurozone countries. By the end of the year, 2 million copies of the coin will also be put into circulation.

Belgian commemorative coins are available via http://www.herdenkingsmunten.be/fr/.

About the Royal Mint of Belgium
The Royal Mint of Belgium is responsible for ordering Belgian circulation coins, design, quality control and combating counterfeiting. The Royal Mint also represents the Belgian State at the international level. Since the beginning of 2018, the minting and marketing of commemorative coins and medals has been assigned to the Royal Netherlands Mint. The King of the Belgians remains the issuing authority.

The official issues ordered by the Royal Mint of Belgium bear the mark of the Belgian Mint Commissioner, Giovanni Van de Velde, and the mark of the Royal Mint of the Netherlands. The Royal Netherlands Mint is one of the world’s top 5 manufacturers of circulation coins, commemorative coins and collector’s coins. Belgian commemorative coins are available via http://www.herdenkingsmunten.be/fr/.

Contact person Royal Mint of the Netherlands:

Mira Spijker, [email protected]+31 30 291 04 70

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