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FashionChanel No1 de Chanel L'Eau Rouge - currant red flower in perfumery

Chanel No1 de Chanel L’Eau Rouge – currant red flower in perfumery

Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

Red roses are different. Some are velvety, others are fresh and tender, reminiscent of tart berries or wine. I found the perfect summer mist with a delicious berry undertone. For me, it smells like a bright and fresh red rose just off the bush.

Rose with redcurrant

I have tried many different red rose fragrances, but I found them all to be heavy and overpowering. The new Chanel 2022 was a pleasant surprise, although it is dedicated not to a red rose, but to a scarlet camellia. In nature, this flower does not smell, but perfumers managed to recreate the fantasy scent of this flower. In reality, this is a rose with a hint of red currant, falling in love from the first sip.

About the fragrance

The novelty of Chanel 2022 belongs to the luxury fragrances.

Concentration – Fragrance Mist (3-5 percent fragrant substances. Used as a mist for the body and hair, the lightest version of a perfume for every day.

The category is flower-fruity, but I would call it flower-berry.

Gender Female.

Full size bottle

The bottle of this fragrance is made of red glass, quite dense. It shimmers beautifully in the sun.

Aroma Pyramid:

top notes

Red berries / citruses

middle notes

Rose / jasmine / orange blossom

base notes

Musk / iris

Almost everything is felt here – rose, red berries, jasmine, iris. But for me personally, this is the scent of a summer red rose with a currant tint.

Personal feelings and images

When I learned about the concentration of the Fragrance Mist fragrance, I was a little surprised and expected a fragrance from a series of inexpensive body sprays. But in fact, it is toilet water, and it is very light and tart, almost transparent.

Persistence of fragrance – 2-3 hours, lasts longer on the hair.

Since this is a Fragrance Mist, there is no alcohol in it, so it does not damage hair and skin, it lasts a long time and does not imply high density.

The longevity of the fragrance is extended by notes of red berries, rose and jasmine. I personally hear a beautiful scarlet spray rose, which emits a very delicate aroma.

And it is also a tart aroma of red currant and flowers. Very unusual, transparent and iridescent, like the red edges of the bottle.

This is a gentle, very summery reading of the red fragrance. I want to wear a red glitter under it, a long dress, and not necessarily red, the main thing is that it should be flowing and very gentle. It suggests sophistication, heels, delicate handbags and jewelry. This is the aroma of juicy red currant with jasmine petals and scarlet rose. I think it will appeal to those who are looking for a fruity, berry rose with a subtle, transparent and delicate aroma. I think it is ideal for a young girl who wants to stand out from the crowd, but does not like vulgarity. And it will also appeal to those who love bright red spray roses that bloom in the hot summer. And he is also talking about currants – red, tart and very tasty. It will be appropriate at any time of the year when the mood color is red.

Thank you for reading my post to the end. What are your favorite scents associated with red?

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