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Century-Old Tunnel Set to Open as New Attraction with Never-Before-Seen View of Niagara Falls

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NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — – The Tunnel at the Niagara Parks Power Station will officially open to the public on July 1

  • – New visitor experience completes Phase II of the award-winning adaptive reuse project at the historic power station
  • – Additional information and tickets are available at niagaraparks.com/powerA formal ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place this morning recognizing the completion of Phase II of the landmark adaptive reuse project and the opening of the Tunnel at the Niagara Parks Power Station.

Opening July 1, the Tunnel will expand the guest experience at the Niagara Parks Power Station, providing access to the vast underground infrastructure of the historic building and spectacular new viewing platform at the base of Niagara Falls. The Niagara Parks Power Station opened Phase I last July, which included daytime tours of the restored generator hall along with the award-winning immersive sound and light show, Currents.

Visitors to the Tunnel will descend 180 feet below the generator hall in a glass-enclosed elevator, observing the many underground floors of the station on their way down to the historic tunnel. For over a century, the power station’s spent waters flowed through this engineering marvel as it made its way back to the Niagara River.

The one-of-a-kind experience offers guests a 2,200-foot-long journey through the enormous tunnel that leads to the exit portal where the water exited back into the Niagara River. There, a brand-new viewing platform has been constructed, extending out into the river to provide never-before-seen panoramic views of Niagara Falls and the lower Niagara Gorge.

Access to the Tunnel is included with all regular admissions to the Niagara Parks Power Station, beginning July 1, with adult tickets starting at $28.

Additional information and tickets can be found at niagaraparks.com/power.

Quote from Niagara Parks Chair April Jeffs

“With the opening of the Tunnel, the incredible transformation that has taken place over the past two years to restore the power station and transform it into a one-of-a-kind visitor attraction is officially complete. This is truly a landmark achievement and one that has and will continue to draw the interest and adoration of a global audience while preserving this heritage building for future generations of Ontarians.

I am so proud of our board and staff team at Niagara Parks for their work on this project and thankful to the Government of Ontario and our Ministry for their constant support and counsel, which made this all possible.”

About the Niagara Parks Power Station
The first major power station on the Canadian side of the Niagara River, the former “Canadian Niagara Power Company generating station,” harnessed the powerful energy of the Horseshoe Falls and turned it into a great source of electricity for over 100 years. Now, years after its turbines came to a halt, the wonder of this hydropower pioneer has come back to life as a must-see attraction, the Niagara Parks Power Station. Phase I of the attraction opened in July 2021 and invited guests to explore interactive and educational exhibits throughout the largely untouched 600-foot generator floor. Phase I also featured the one-of-a-kind evening sound and light show, Currents. Created by Thinkwell Studios Montreal, Currents combines interactive media, mesmerizing lights and a breathtaking musical score to take guests on an immersive adventure inside the Niagara Parks Power Station.

The Niagara Parks Power Station was honoured by the Ontario Heritage Trust with a 2021 Lieutenant Governor’s Heritage Award for Excellence in Conservation.

Beginning July 2022, phase II of the Niagara Parks Power Station will introduce an exciting new experience, allowing visitors to explore the underground portions of the station via the historic tunnel located 180 feet below the ground floor. Visitors will make their way to a spectacular new viewing platform extending into the Niagara River with panoramic views of Niagara Falls.

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About Niagara Parks
Since its establishment in 1885, Niagara Parks has remained a self-financed agency of the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Sport, entrusted to preserve and protect the land surrounding Niagara Falls and the Niagara River. Today, Niagara Parks boasts gardens, a horticulture school, recreation, golf courses, restaurants, heritage and historic sites, gift shops and, of course, Niagara Falls. In short, natural landscapes, history, family fun, hiking, culinary delights, attractions and adventure.

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