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NewsPope: Pray for peace and move forward together in solidarity - Vatican...

Pope: Pray for peace and move forward together in solidarity – Vatican News

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Chilean Bishop: Wide turnout at referendum shows wish for unity - Vatican News

Chilean Bishop: Wide turnout at referendum shows wish for unity – Vatican News

The Auxiliary Bishop of Santiago, Chile, Alberto Lorenzelli, says the outcome of the constitutional referendum held Sunday in Chile affirming a "no" vote on the draft reform calls for national reflection, while the wide participation shows people want unity.

By Vatican News staff writer

Pope Francis has sent a message to participants at the 102nd edition of Catholic Days (Katholikentag) opening Wednesday evening in the German city of Stuttgart and continuing until Sunday. 

The Pope offered his warm greetings in these festive days when they come together “to honour God and to bear witness together to the joy of the Gospel.”

“Sharing life”

Referring to the motto of the Katholikentag, the Pope noted how God has “breathed his breath of life into humanity,” and in Jesus this “sharing of life” of God reaches its “unsurpassable apex” as “he shares our earthly life to enable us to participate in his divine life.”

We are also called to follow Jesus’ example in caring for the poor and suffering, as we are today close to the people of Ukraine and all those who are threatened by violence, the Pope pointed out, calling on us all to implore God’s peace on all people.

Dedicating our lives to God and neighbour

The Pope said we can make a gift of our lives for God and neighbour in many different ways, whether as dedicated mothers and fathers raising their children or those donating their time in church services and charitable outreach activities. The Pope underscored that “no one is saved alone” and “we are all sitting in the same boat” which makes it imperative we develop an awareness of how we are all “children of the one Father, brothers and sisters” and must be in solidarity with one another.

“Only together do we move forward. If everyone gives what they have to offer, everyone’s life will become richer and more beautiful! What God gives us, he also and always gives us so that we will share it with others and make it fruitful for others.”

The shining example of St. Martin

The Pope pointed to Saint Martin, patron of the diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, as a “shining example” to follow, who shared his cloak with a poor person suffering in the cold and treated him with dignity and concern, not only offering help.

“All who bear the name of Jesus Christ are called to follow the saint’s example and to share our means and possibilities with those in need. Let us be watchful as we go through life, and we will very soon see where we are needed.”

Offering and receiving gifts

Finally, the Pope observed even the poorest have something they can offer to others, and even the richest may lack something and need other people’s gifts. He noted how sometimes we may find it difficult to accept a gift, since it requires admitting our own imperfection and needs, even if we might think we are self-sufficient. He said we should pray to God for “the humility of being able to accept something from others.”

In conclusion, the Pope pointed to the Blessed Virgin Mary is an example of “this humble attitude towards God,” that must characterise our own attitude. “She implored and awaited the Holy Spirit in the midst of the apostles, and still today, with us and by our side, she implores this gift among gifts.”

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