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EconomyDíaz Ayuso receives the Institutional Award of the Union of New Entrepreneurs...

Díaz Ayuso receives the Institutional Award of the Union of New Entrepreneurs Association UNE 2022

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The President of the Community [Government] of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, today received the Institutional Award from the Union of New Entrepreneurs Association UNE 2022 for health management before the regional government’s COVID-19 and in recognition of the work of combining the protection of health with the defence of the economy.

“During the pandemic, what we did was to go directly against the virus, but not against prosperity, against projects or against the dreams of the citizens who work and who pay so many taxes every day”, explained the head of the Madrid Executive on receiving the award during a gala where the role of the manager of Novapro, Ana Isabel Jiménez, was also highlighted as a Woman Entrepreneur; PSH Energía for Environmental Protection; the Don Germán restaurant in the Hospitality category; Lujisa in Commerce; FuturWagen in Industry; and MHODAS in Innovation.

Looking to the future, the President of Madrid said that “now it is time to think ahead to see what we have to face”. “As you know, the Government of the Community of Madrid has spent decades lowering taxes, reducing bureaucratic obstacles and supporting pioneering and in many cases groundbreaking policies of freedom”, said Díaz Ayuso, adding that they will use all the tools at their disposal to continue in the same direction and not generate “legal uncertainty or change the rules of the game halfway through, as is often the case”.

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