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BooksCybersecurity expert publishes The Cybersecurity Mindset

Cybersecurity expert publishes The Cybersecurity Mindset

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Cybersecurity Expert Releases New Book, Uncovering A Transformational Thinking Model & Modern Approach That Reduce Risks

Dewayne Hart reveals cybersecurity challenges & best practices to gain information advantage in a world that requires advanced security readiness.
We are all cyber-thinkers and must remain vigilant and use the Cybersecurity Mindset as a common practice. Hackers are getting wiser—so why not our communities as well!”
— Dewayne Hart
Cybersecurity expert publishes The Cybersecurity Mindset
Cybersecurity is Not Optional

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, February 9, 2022 – Now available for order, the new book, The Cybersecurity Mindset, written by a long-time expert and business owner, Dewayne Hart, stands out as the first publication to encapsulate cybersecurity challenges into a strategic thinking model. The core for the publication provides a framework for securing best practices and navigating holistic security measures across various technology platforms and programs. In gaining an informational advantage and achieving security readiness, readers are positioned to protect business assets and personal interests; and reduce human and technology risks. It includes solutions, industry-relatable topics, and strategies to assess organizational approaches using the System Development Lifecycle (SDLC), security assessments, and technology tools.Dewayne Hart addresses the constantly evolving tactics that increase risk and continually expose individuals and organizations to threats. Shedding light on how applications, systems,Cybersecurity Podcast private and sensitive information becomes vulnerable is only a part of the puzzle. He addresses how threats and conflicts are escalating and why our mindset must be adapted- all of which drive organizations and end-users to think differently in the fight against cybersecurity threats. The publication follows a well-structured layout and conceptual model that addresses 20-high level cybersecurity workstreams. Readers can assess, reshape, and rethink security engagement by mastering the structured layout. In addition, business professionals and CISOs can use the    “Thinking Model” to advance their service offerings and streamline security programs.

Dewayne Hart’s other focuses include leading the cybersecurity consulting firm, Secure Managed Instructional Systems (SEMAIS), which offers Cyber Security Engineering, Enterprise Security Services, Security and Risk Management, and Cybersecurity Workforce development. He also hosts the podcast Chief of Cybersecurity. He provides learning and discusses relevant information concerning the cybersecurity workforce, business development, and best practices. As an author, he looks forward to publishing upcoming business development and leadership titles. His CISSP Examination Review Guide stands out as an essential solution package that integrates Knowledge, Comprehension, and Application (KCA) to support certification training. It employs “Application and Theory Based” learning for students.

With the official launch of The Cybersecurity Mindset, he shares his knowledge to empower teams and businesses in an age of advanced and ever-changing technology environments. Instead of implementing ad-hoc solutions, he is confident proactive security can be achieved long-term when the “Thinking Model” is applied. This approach provides the early entrance into minimizing human and technology risks, driving digital protection, and a structured process to remediate security events and incidents.

To learn more about The Cybersecurity Mindset, visit www.dewaynehart.com, and his Youtube Channel

About Dewayne Hart

Dewayne Hart is a cybersecurity expert, workforce trainer, and business owner with a combined 30-years of technology experience. He has been pivotal in navigating security guidance for the most sensitive networks during his career and has mastered an understanding of the cybersecurity blueprint and concerns expressed by various technical and non-technical communities. Before embarking upon his career in the commercial IT world, Dewayne completed 20-years in the U.S. Navy. His military experience consists of sustaining and securing computer, weapons, and intelligence systems; and delivering leadership and development training. He continues to carry his military and technology experience to develop & drive cybersecurity solutions.

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