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EuropeAddress to the Ukrainian people by European Council President Charles Michel

Address to the Ukrainian people by European Council President Charles Michel

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Joint press release following the 8th Association Council meeting between the EU and Ukraine

On 5 September 2022, the European Union and Ukraine held the 8th meeting of the EU and Ukraine Association Council in Brussels.
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Message by President Michel to Ukraine

Dear Ukrainian friends,

Russia has decided to launch a brutal, savage war, based on despicable lies. And you — the Ukrainian people — are the innocent victims of this folly. Of these lies.

This is the Kremlin’s war. Putin’s war, not the Russian peoples’ war.

Since Maidan, you – the Ukrainian people – have made the brave and free choice of liberty, democracy, and rule of law. And today, you are resisting fiercely and heroically. You are defending your land and your dignity. Your freedom and your children. Your integrity. Your democracy.

It is also the dignity, freedom, and democracy of the whole of Europe that is under attack. And that you are defending. This is why we – in the EU – have the moral and political duty to rise to this historic challenge.

We stand by you. Not just with words, but with concrete and immediate action.

Mobilising the international community 

Together with our partners, we have mobilised an international anti-war coalition to support you and your country. A rising tide of nations and leaders. All standing up in defence of international law. 

Material and military support 

We are organising the emergency delivery of defensive military equipment. Guns, ammunition, rockets, and fuel are on their way to your troops. We are also providing significant money and humanitarian assistance.


We are already hitting hard those who launched this war against you. We have decided, together with all our partners, unprecedented sanctions against the Russian leadership. 

Including against Vladimir Putin and Sergey Lavrov.

And we are targeting all the oligarchs who support them. With our allies, we are cutting Russia, and its economy, from the international financial system. This will severely cripple Russia’s ability to operate globally.

We are also closing European airspace to Russian airlines.

And we will go further.

We would prefer to solve this conflict through dialogue and negotiations. But let there be no doubt. We will hold to account all those responsible for this war. And all those who violate the law of war and international humanitarian law.

Contact with President Zelensky

I am in constant contact, as far as possible, with your brave President, my dear friend Volodymyr Zelensky. I salute his composure and his courage. They are a reflection of your composure and your courage.

Your President – and you the Ukrainian people, Ukrainian nation – are rising to this historic moment. And today, all of Europe must also rise to this historic moment.

We stand with you.

Long live Europe! Slava Ukraïni!

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