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NewsPowerhouse Tech companies unite to reduce hearing damage for billions

Powerhouse Tech companies unite to reduce hearing damage for billions

CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — EAROS (www.earos.com), a leading manufacturer of hearing protection products, is pleased to announce the introduction of EAROS Sport, a hearing protection device specifically designed for loud environments and activities like motorcycle riding, racetracks, sporting events, arenas, and stadiums. ROKiT began its journey as a people-first tech company, and quickly diversified to provide wide-range of innovative tech, premium products and pioneering services, including mobile phones, Smart WiFi technologies, beverages, E-bikes, payment cards, 3D content production, product development and global content distribution.The World Health Organization found that 1.1 billion young people are at risk of hearing damage from exposure to recreational noise; of this group, 40% (~440 million) are at risk due to attending loud entertainment venues. Additionally, according to the CDC suggests ~16% of US adults (~40 million) have noise and music-induced hearing loss, and about 11% of US adults (~27 million) suffer from tinnitus. However, this can be prevented by using hearing protection, but many people struggle with using earplugs.

EAROS Sport is a better alternative to earplugs. It’s a sleek and comfortable listening device that provides both a superior sound experience and reliable hearing protection. Developed in conjunction with leading audiologists and vibration engineers from MIT, Richard Lyon, and team. Richard taught noise, vibration, and sound quality in MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering for 32 years and made many contributions to the field of acoustics both in his academic research and as a founder. EAROS is specially tuned to reduce noise while maintaining sound quality. Proprietary, patented technology replicates how the inner ear resonates while providing noise reduction and preserving full audio fidelity. Manufactured at a leading medical-grade facility in the USA, EAROS Sport is highly durable and reusable, which lessens its environmental impact relative to single-use, disposable hearing protection products which are damaging to the environment and provide substantially lower hearing protection.

“We’re very excited to partner with ROKiT Group on the marketing and distribution of EAROS Sport. They provide global reach across sport, tech, and entertainment, and have partnered with global sporting icons that appeal to a diverse audience of socio-economic backgrounds, so we think this is a great fit.” says Ronnie Madra, Founder and CEO of EAROS.

“A long standing vision my partners and I have had is operating our group through the lens of conscious capitalism. Products and services that genuinely enrich the lives of the customers using them. Between my family and my close connection with motorsports, I’ve encountered many people troubled by hearing damage; it’s not talked about often but it really impacts people who develop tendinitis terribly. I’m glad we can partner with EAROS to solve for this.” Says Jonathan Kendrick Chairman and Co-Founder of ROKiT.

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