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NewsFelipe Arellanes Returns With Excellent Results From The Veracruz Marathon

Felipe Arellanes Returns With Excellent Results From The Veracruz Marathon

Felipe Arellanes Ruiz, Athlete from Cuixtla Miahuatlan

Felipe, Fahad, Eddi

Felipe, Fahad, Eddi

Fahad, Diana

Fahad, Diana

The Miahuateco Runner Met Expectations And Arrived Among The Top Twenty

I am grateful to my sports team, Oax Sport, for all the facilities they gave me during the preparation and development of the race: Fahad, Diana, and Eddi. Great human beings who made this possible. ”
— Felipe Arellanes Ruiz, Athlete from Cuixtla Miahuatlan.

OAXACA DE JUAREZ, OAX, MEXICO, December 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — After five months of preparation, Oax Sport went to the Veracruz Marathon fully ready to take on this demanding race. The agency supported and financed the participation of Felipe Arellanes Ruiz, a young athlete from Cuixtla Miahuatlán, a community in the Sierra Sur region of Oaxaca. The marathon took place last Sunday, the 5th of December, in the Veracruz-Boca del Rio area. Over 1,500 participants came from all parts of the country and the neighboring countries to enjoy this mega-running race.Oax Sport took part with Felipe as the main athlete who could run his best marathon in 3:00 hours, a time that put him in 17th position overall. Eddi Perez Silva coached and supported Felipe by supervising his plan and training in the five months leading to the marathon and until reaching the finish line.

“A very well-organized race which I suffered from the second half. We were eagerly awaiting this result and working for it. I did not compete for more than a year and a half and also I could not train as a team as I would have liked. In the end, I had a very satisfying race and today I want to continue training to improve myself more.

I am deeply grateful to my sports team, Oax Sport, for all the facilities they gave me during the preparation and development of the race: Fahad, Diana, and Eddi our coach. Great human beings who made this possible. I thank my parents Felipe and Juanita and my sisters Are and Ali, who supported me during my training sessions; to my countrywoman Adriana Borja and her father Mr. Noel for their financial contribution through Oax Sport; Pedro Arellanes for spreading my running project to the community in the southern region; to my Club Amigos del Running for all their support; and to my circle of friends, who were giving me words of encouragement. There is a long way to go to reach our goal. But in God, we will trust.” Felipe Arellanes Ruiz, Athlete from Cuixtla Miahuatlan.

Accompanying Felipe in the competition was Oax Sport Inc. business director, Fahad Hizam, who also could run his best marathon with a time of 3:35 that put him in the 99th general position. Also accompanying the team was one of the agency directors, Diana Garcia, who supported the athletes before, during, and after the competition.

“As an agency and team, we are very satisfied with the achievements obtained after so much time of planning and waiting. The fact that both runners got their personal best times indicates we are doing a good job. That the community supports this work through their donation represents an extra incentive for the competitor, and for the agency, the public recognition of our work.” Diana García, Director of Public Relations of Oax Sport Inc.

Veracruz Marathon was well run and organized. The route went through many scenic parts of the area, which included the oceanfront boulevard, historic downtown, and modern business district. The weather was ideal and with a 5:30 am start time; the runners enjoyed the cool temperature and witnessed the beautiful sunrise.

Oax Sport’s participation in the marathon was part of its mission to support and help athletes from state communities. It offers opportunities so the athletes can be part of national athletic competitions. The agency services include covering costs of the preparation, travel, race fees, and many related expenses. Felipe’s participation was possible with the financial support received from Adriana Cecilia from Cuixtla, Miahuatlán.

Oax Sport Inc. is a non-profit sports agency that supports athletes from communities of Oaxaca. It aims to offer opportunities to travel and compete in national and international athletic events. Its source of income is public and private donations.


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