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NewsElite national athletes share with Macao people insights into their Olympic glory

Elite national athletes share with Macao people insights into their Olympic glory

MACAU, December 20 – National Olympians today shared with Macao people their experience of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, and the stories of how their perseverance led them to success at the summer Olympics.

The 68-member Delegation of Elite National Olympic Athletes arrived in Macao on Saturday for a three-day visit. The athletes met approximately 500 young local athletes, during a dialogue session at the Olympic Sports Centre.

Eight of the Olympians were invited to the stage to share insights into their experiences. They were: table tennis players Mr Ma Long and Mr Xu Xin; diver Mr Xie Siyi; weightlifter Mr Lu Xiaojun; track cyclist Ms Zhong Tianshi; fencer Ms Sun Yiwen; and track and field athletes Ms Gong Lijiao and Mr Su Bingtian. Macao athletes Mr Kuok Kin Hang, Mr Wong Chon Wa, and Ms Ao Hoi Ian also joined the national athletes on stage.

At the dialogue session, local athletes asked the Olympians how to overcome setbacks when competing, and how to adjust one’s mentality before important contests. The athletes said persistence was the sole key to success. Only via unceasing passion for the sport one loved, would it be possible to keep going and to strive for greatness. The Olympians encouraged Macao athletes to maintain confidence in themselves, stay positive mentally, and live without regret.

Monday’s session featured table tennis and badminton demonstrations by the relevant athletes, and interactive matches between the guests and Macao’s young athletes and students.

Today marked the 22nd anniversary of the establishment of the Macao Special Administrative Region. The Delegation of Elite National Olympic Athletes attended this morning a flag-raising ceremony held at Golden Lotus Square. The delegation then visited the Ruins of Saint Paul’s, part of the UNESCO-listed Historic Centre of Macao.

The delegation also paid a visit to Macao’s Athletes Training and Development Centre. The guests showed interest in the centre’s facilities and equipment.

In the evening, the guests attended a variety show at the Macao East Asian Games Dome. The celebratory gathering included performances and interactive games. Approximately 4,000 spectators attended the show

Tomorrow morning (21 December), the delegation will split into smaller groups, in order to visit a total of three local community centres and social services centres, and share their Olympic joy with local senior citizens and young people. Afterwards, the delegation will leave the city.

The delegation includes 29 elite athletes and three coaches. The athletes represent China’s competitors at the summer Olympic Games, an event that concluded in August. The athletes are drawn from disciplines including table tennis, swimming, diving, weightlifting, artistic gymnastics, badminton, rowing, canoeing, track cycling, fencing, and athletics. 

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