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EuropeComing Up: Migration, Toys Safety, Lux Prize

Coming Up: Migration, Toys Safety, Lux Prize

In Committee

Toy safety

On Thursday, MEPs of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee will vote on a report that includes proposals to ensure toys sold on the EU market, including those coming from other countries, are sustainable and safe for use.

Fighting cancer

MEPs of the special committee on beating cancer will put forward their recommendations on developing EU policy on the subject in a vote on Thursday. The report focuses on fighting inequalities in prevention, treatment and survivorship across Europe and calls for bigger support for research and innovation, and making treatments more accessible and affordable.

Other events


A High-Level Conference on migration and asylum on Friday will look at the current situation and the possible measures, including the new Pact on Migration and Asylum and migration partnerships with non-EU countries. The meeting is organised by the European Parliament and the last three presidencies of the EU (Germany, Portugal, Slovenia). Follow it live online.

Upcoming French Council Presidency

On Thursday, EP President David Sassoli and political groups’ leaders will be in Paris to meet members of the French government and parliament to discuss the priorities for the upcoming six-month Council presidency, which starts on 1 January 2022.

LUX Audience Award

The three films competing for the LUX Audience Award 2022 will be announced on Saturday during the European Film Awards ceremony, in Berlin. This pan-European prize is organised by the Parliament and the European Film Academy and the winner is voted by MEPs and the public. Find out more about the LUX Audience Award 2021.

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