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World Animal Day

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Dr. Petar Gramatikov is the Editor in Chief and Director of The European Times. He is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Reporters. Dr. Gramatikov has more than 20 years of Academic experience in different institutions for higher education in Bulgaria. He also examined lectures, related to theoretical problems involved in the application of international law in religious law where a special focus has been given to the legal framework of New Religious Movements, freedom of religion and self-determination, and State-Church relations for plural-ethnic states. In addition to his professional and academic experience, Dr. Gramatikov has more than 10 years Media experience where he hold a positions as Editor of a tourism quarterly periodical “Club Orpheus” magazine – “ORPHEUS CLUB Wellness” PLC, Plovdiv; Consultant and author of religious lectures for the specialized rubric for deaf people at the Bulgarian National Television and has been Accredited as a journalist from “Help the Needy” Public Newspaper at the United Nations Office in Geneva, Switzerland.

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On October 4, we celebrate World Animal Day. It is celebrated on St. Francis Day, the patron saint of animals. The decision to commemorate it was made in 1931 at the International Congress of Supporters of the Nature Conservation Movement in Florence, Italy.

Animal protection organizations use the holiday to draw the attention of people around the world to the need for humane and responsible treatment of animals, as well as to the plight of the animal world on our planet.

According to recent studies, 1/3 of mammals are threatened with extinction due to human activity. The only thing that distinguishes an animal from a human being is reason.

But that definitely doesn’t make people better, bigger, or more respectable beings. Animals have the incredible power to show us the real things. These important, supposedly small things that we still do not have time for – attention, tenderness, games, walks, sincere love.

Here are some quotes from world famous celebrities about animals:

 “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by its attitude toward animals.”

                                                                                                                         Mahatma Gandhi

 “Cruelty to animals and even indifference to their suffering is, in my opinion, one of the greatest sins of the human race. They are at the root of human corruption. If a person creates so much suffering, what right does he then have to complain if he himself suffers?

                                                                                                                         Romain Roland

“Compassion for animals is so closely connected with kindness of character that it can be said with confidence: one who is cruel to animals cannot be kind to people.”

                                                                                                                          Arthur Schopenhauer

  “He who feeds a hungry animal feeds his soul.”

                                                                                                                          Charlie Chaplin

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