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EuropeNew book about Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard and Fine Arts is published...

New book about Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard and Fine Arts is published in Hungarian

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Juan Sanchez Gil
Juan Sanchez Gil
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This book is now available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and now also in Hungarian

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, August 25, 2021 In a recently translated book of Massimo lntrovigne into Hungarian, he explores the ideas of the founder of Scientology on aesthetics and the arts, an important and rarely studied part of his religious worldview.

This book is now available in EnglishFrench, Spanish, Italian and now also in Hungarian. Its original title is “The Most Misunderstood Human Endeavor: L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology, and Fine Arts” [Hungarian title: “A legfélreértettebb emberi törekvés: L. Ron Hubbard, Szcientológia és a képzőművét

In his book, published by FoRB Publications, Introvigne further discusses the influence Hubbard had on contemporary artists, whom lntrovigne interviewed in different countries. Hubbard wrote extensively about the visual arts and during the last part of his life, he came to what he described as a codification of the aesthetic theory, which included statements on communication, technique, perfection, color, and rhythm.

Several well-known contemporary artists are themselves Scientologists, and have been influenced by Hubbard’s aesthetic ideas. They report how, through the courses they attended at Scientology‘s Celebrity Centres, they learned Hubbard’s techniques of effective communication through art. Massimo lntrovigne, an Italian sociologist, is the managing director of CESNUR (Center for study of New Religions). For the last 40 years, he has been considered as one of the world’s leading scholars of new religious movements. Writing in El País, art critic Roberta Sosco called him “one of the leading world experts” of the intricate connections between Western esotericism, new religious movements, and modern art.

The book in the different languages can be found on Amazon, Google Books and Blurb.

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