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SocietyFrench Impressionism inspired CHANEL's latest collection

French Impressionism inspired CHANEL’s latest collection

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Emblematic French artists “came to life” in the latest haute couture collection of CHANEL, which was presented during the Paris Fashion Week.

Designer Virginia Viar presented her views on women’s fashion for the autumn-winter period 2021/2022.

The parade was held in the Parisian “Galleria” – a museum with neo-Renaissance architecture, which was in tune with the style of the clothes shown.

Viar explained that the creation of the collection was inspired by famous French Impressionists such as Edouard Manet, Bertha Morisot and Marie Laurence.

Their paintings come to life on clothes combined with floral motifs inspired by English gardens. For the first time, Karl Lagerfeld’s heiress experimented with colored tweed – a material that is emblematic of CHANEL.

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