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NewsA bronze statue of Elon Musk made

A bronze statue of Elon Musk made

Due to its fleeting resemblance, the work provoked a lot of ridicule online

Investment site Public.com has decided to give Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk an unusual gift for his fiftieth birthday. This is a life-size bronze statue located in New York’s Manhattan neighborhood.

The only problem is that the statue does not look very much like him. However, it is clear that she was inspired by the popular photo of Musk, who lovingly watched the first launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket.

Due to its fleeting resemblance, the work provoked a lot of ridicule online. And this whole story, of course, is part of a marketing campaign.

“Elon Musk is a leading figure in pop culture and is the CEO of one of the most popular companies in Public,” the company’s website said. “Maybe you love him. Maybe you think he should write on Twitter in less. Anyway, to celebrate his fiftieth birthday, we also handed out a hundred 14-inch bronze statues with his image,” they added.

The statue is life-size, “because Elon’s ambition (and maybe his ego) is definitely not miniature,” the company tweeted. And people who can’t see the bronze 150-pound work live can bid to buy it.

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