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NewsFour spiritual festivals converge this weekend

Four spiritual festivals converge this weekend

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Four spiritual festivals converge this weekend – Passover, Palm Sunday, Holi, the Hindu Spring Festival and the Aries solar Festival (full moon). The Tibetan in the Alice Bailey blue books, informs us that when the many different religious festivals occur together, it is a sign that the new Aquarian world religion is unfolding.

Saturday’s Passover (Pesach) is the festival of remembering when the Jewish people left the slavery in Egypt (left the Taurus Age) and began their long forty-year walk in the desert (for purification) , eventually entering Canaan, (Aries Age of the Law, the Ten Commandments). Passover begins Saturday evening at the sign of the first star.

Sundayis Palm Sunday, the Catholic festival of Christ completing His forty days and nights in the desert (note the number 40 in both stories). Palm Sundaybegins Holy or Passion Week. Palms (symbolizing peace, victory, respect) were waved, heralding the Messiah, the Promised One. In our days now, we await His return, the precipitation of the Aquarian Teacher to begin in 2025.

Sundayis also Holi, the joyful Hindu Spring Festival symbolizing good over evil. It is also the full moon, the esoteric Aries Spring Resurrection Festival, the first of the Three Spring Festivals, setting the spiritual template for the year.

The Aries solar festival (8 degrees Aries) is Spring’s first full moon. The Aries festival celebrates new life spring forth, the Easter festival. It is also about the Love of God and the Hierarchy for humanity.

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