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NewsWajid Khan’s wife Kamalrukh reveals the late music director threatened to divorce...

Wajid Khan’s wife Kamalrukh reveals the late music director threatened to divorce her in 2014 as she wasn’t ready to convert her religion

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Late Bollywood music director Wajid Khan’s wife, Kamalrukh has come up again with a new revelation and said that Wajid threatened to divorce her in the year 2014 as she was not ready to convert her religion, and the duo was living separately since then. In her latest interview, Kamalrukh opened up about her relationship with the late Wajid Khan. She praised the deceased music director but said he wasn’t ‘strong-minded’ and could be easily ‘influenced’. She further revealed that ‘the last few days of his life were very sad’ as he was suffering from COVID-19 and was not allowed to meet his family. Notably, Kamalrukh recently accused his family of pressuring her to convert.

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