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EuropePM Mitsotakis on EU Summit results: EU made steps to stop Turkish...

PM Mitsotakis on EU Summit results: EU made steps to stop Turkish aggression

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PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis presented his evaluation of the results of the EU Summit in Brussels in a press conference on Friday.

The Prime Minister expressed his satisfaction for the “unblocking” of the agreement for the Recovery Fund, saying that he “immediately unlocks” an amount of 32 billion euros for Greece.

Mitsotakis summed up his views by saying that Europe made a step forward regarding the Turkish matter. He said that the ‘philosophy’ between the EU and Turkey remains the same at its core, underlining that Turkey is being called upon to change its aggressive behaviour, adding that Europe supports Greece and Cyprus.

He added that if Turkey continued its provocative actions towards Greece more concrete sanctions would be decided in March.

The Greek PM made it clear that Greece would only sit down for preparatory talks with Turkey if the latter stopped its delinquent behaviour in the region.

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