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Robert Johnson is an investigative reporter who has been researching and writing about injustices, hate crimes, and extremism from its beginnings for The European Times. Johnson is known for bringing to light a number of important stories. Johnson is a fearless and determined journalist who is not afraid to go after powerful people or institutions. He is committed to using his platform to shine a light on injustice and to hold those in power accountable.

Nearly 100 people stayed glued in the Zoom room as the Jaswant Singh Khalra Memorial Lecture was delivered on 3rd Nov 2020. First the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief, Mr. Ahmed Shaheed, addressed the audience, which included hundreds others who watched the event on KTV satellite channel, YouTube channels of UNITED SIKHS, BOSS ( British Organisation of Sikh Students), Khalas TV and Basics of Sikhi.

Then Satnam Singh Bains, Barrister, delivered the Memorial Lecture, on how his team has carried on Jaswant Singh Khalra’s work in the Indian courts. What followed was a touching vote of thanks from Navkiran Kaur, Jaswant Singh Khalra’s daughter.

The event culminated with the launch of Gurmeet Kaur’s book ‘The Valiant- Jaswant Singh Khalra’ , by Mr Shaheed, followed by Gurmeet Kaur’s reply to: ‘Why did I write the book?’

We also heard a tribute from Jaswant Singh Khalra’s brother, Rajinder Singh.

The book may be ordered by leaving a phone message on +44 870 1993328 or email mejindarpalk@gmail.com

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