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Manuscripts Charred After the Eruption of Vesuvius Read by Artificial Intelligence

The manuscripts are more than 2,000 years old and were severely damaged after the eruption of the volcano in AD 79. Three scientists managed to...

Archaeologists in Turkey have discovered the oldest pieces of cloth

Fossilised textile products have been discovered in the town of Çatal-Huyük, founded around 9,000 years ago in what is now Turkey.

A 500-year-old hammam harkens back to Istanbul’s ancient past

Closed to the public for more than a decade, the stunning Zeyrek Çinili Hamam once again reveals its wonders to the world. Located in Istanbul's...

The “Tomb of Salome”

A 2,000-year-old burial web site has been found by Israeli authorities. The discover is named the "Tomb of Salome", one of the midwives who attended...

Archaeologist claims to have discovered biblical Sodom

Researchers are certain that Tell el-Hamam in Jordan, where signs of extreme heat and a layer of destruction are consistent with the biblical story...

Scientists study sarcophagi from Ancient Egypt with computed tomography

A collaboration between the museum and the clinic could set a precedent for combining the study of historical artifacts with cutting-edge medical technology to...
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