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Monday, December 4, 2023
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Russians not collectively to blame for Ukraine war: Human rights expert

In a recent interview conducted with UN News, she emphasised the significance of her report and its purpose, holding to account one of...

The Future of Ukraine, how to get out of the crisis ?

For the first time since the war started, the future of Ukraine is being considered. A high-level international conference was held in Paris on how to stop the bloodshed.

Belgium pleased Zelensky: Ukraine will receive EUR 1.7 billion from the interest on frozen Russian funds

Belgian law allows such a procedure. Ukraine will receive 1.7 billion euros ($1.8 billion) in taxes on interest generated by Russian funds frozen after...

New Evidence of Russia’s War Crimes in Ukraine

Commission of Inquiry finds further evidence of war crimes in Ukraine, including rape, torture and deportation of children

Ukraine war: Long-range missiles hit Russian army airfields for the 1st time

Long-range missiles hit Russian-occupied airfields in Ukraine, causing destruction. Putin calls it a mistake. US secretly supplied missiles to Ukraine.

World Council of Churches Fails in Attempt to Hold Ukraine Round Table

The World Council of Churches released a statement admitting that its months-long efforts to organize Ukraine Round Table had failed.

World News in Brief: recovery efforts in Ukraine, human rights in Sudan and WHO report

“Our team has mobilized and is currently implementing more than $1 billion in recovery and development initiatives across the country,” UN spokesperson Stephane...

Ukraine: Civilians bear ‘unbearable’ toll amid ‘unrelenting’ attacks

Senior UN officials on Monday strongly condemned recent Russian attacks on Ukrainian towns and civilian infrastructure, emphasizing the need for accountability for those harming...

Czech President Pavel to MEPs: “If Ukraine fails, so will we” | News

President Pavel stressed the importance of explaining Europe “to ensure that our citizens can genuinely identify with the principles we stand for”. Speaking...

Ukraine: Report documents mounting deaths, rights violations

It reveals the lethal toll of Russia’s full-scale invasion on Ukrainian civilians, with nearly six individuals killed and 20 wounded on common each single...
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