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Orthodox Christianity

The wonderful fishing

By Prof. A.P. Lopukhin, Interpretation of the Holy Scriptures of the New Testament Chapter 5. 1.-11. The Summons of Simon. 12-26. The healing of leprosy...

A founding meeting and a round table for the unification of Ukrainian Orthodoxy held in Kyiv

By Hristianstvo.bg In "St. Sofia of Kiev" the Constituent Assembly of the public organization "Sofia Brotherhood" was held. The participants of the meeting elected the...

Christians in the Army

Fr. John Bourdin After the remark that Christ did not leave the parable "of resisting evil with force," I began to be persuaded that in...

Patriarch Bartholomew: “The survival of the world depends on a broad interpretation and application of the Gospel”

On January 15, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew announced the start of the International Scientific Conference "Apostle Paul in Antalya (Turkey): Memory, Testimony" organized by the...
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