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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Moscow Patriarchate

Humanitarian thread and secret diplomacy

By Alexander Soldatov, "Novaya Gazeta" On the occasion of the visit of the Pope's special envoy to Moscow and Kiev According to official reports, the content...

The Russian Church has declared pacifism incompatible with Orthodoxy

The Russian Orthodox Church claims that pacifism is incompatible with the teachings of the Orthodox Church, as evidenced by its presence in heretical teachings....

The Moscow Patriarchate “annexed” the Ukrainian Diocese of Berdyansk

The Berdyansk diocese of the UOC, located in the Russian-occupied Zaporozhye region, was taken away from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church by an official decision...

A Ukrainian court convicted former Kirovgrad Metropolitan Yoasaf of justifying the Russian occupation

The former Kirovgrad Metropolitan Joasaf (Guben) of the UOC, as well as the secretary of the diocese, Father Roman Kondratyuk, were sentenced to three...
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