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Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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South Korea: Conscientious objectors, a legal battle against punitive alternative service

Conscientious objectors: a legal battle against punitive alternative service Hye-min Kim, a Jehovah’s Witness and an objector to military service, is the first person known to have refused “alternative service” since it was introduced in 2020. The...

How the French MIVILUDES compromised itself with Russian extremists

The current war in Ukraine is not the product of a one-week preparation. It has been prepared with more than a decade of propaganda, and in fact started already in 2014 with the invasion and occupation of Crimea

For a Syrian in Europe, It’s Either Migrant or Mercenary

A decade after its outbreak, the Europe migrant crisis is still treated as a temporary disease, a vexing ailment that could be cured never to return again. The European governments are persistent in their efforts to curb the influx of migrants...

Luis F Salazar and Digital Art: “I love giving the freedom for the observer to interpret my art”

Digital Art - Luis Fernando Salazar is a Colombian contemporary artist who captures in his work the colours and sensations, he says: "I like to represent the warmth of bright colours, the beauty of...

This has never happened before: 58 Russian tour operators immediately ceased their activities

The last May order of Rostourism set a sad record - for the first time 58 tour operator companies of outbound tourism left the market at once. Moreover, only four of them left the...

Exclusive interview with Tatiana Yehorova-Lutsenko, chairwoman of the Kharkiv Oblast Council

"Our country will win and we will rebuild Kharkiv," said Tatiana Yehorova-Lutsenko, chairwoman of the Council of Kharkiv Oblast (2.6 million inhabitants) when she talked with Willy Fautré, Director of Human Rights Without Frontiers...
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