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Monthly Archives: September, 2022

The Paradoxes of Russian Cultural Development

The Paradoxes of Russian Cultural Development - Maximalism - Culture is related to the sense of measure - to the sense of one's own limit....

Church and church organization (2)

During the first period of its existence, the Church consisted of numerous communities, completely separate and independent, having no canonical connections with each other...

Patriarch Kirill remains silent after Gorbachev’s passing

When the last President of the Soviet Union passed away a few days ago, Kirill remained silent, offering no condolences, and issuing no statement. That does not seem to be a mistake.

A unique fresco is preserved in the Bulgarian Zemen Monastery

The unknown predecessor of Leonardo da Vinci from our lands saw the biblical plot "The Last Supper" in a different way, which makes the...

Rita Ora cooked burek for children in need in Albania

Rita Ora returned to her native Albania on Monday to meet the "most vulnerable children" at a community center in Tirana. The 31-year-old performer, who...

Directly from Tel Aviv: Roi Kraus sends you “Inside Your Void”

Roi Kraus' latest release “Inside Your Void” touched me and I wanted to share some thoughts about it. It first resonated in me bringing back to my emotional memories the best of Nirvana.

Six more Jehovah’s Witnesses firmly sentenced to prison in Russia in August

The persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses is going on unabated. In the last eight months, 26 of them have been sentenced for merely practicing their...

European smart cities meet to advance a climate-neutral future

The cities of Rotterdam, Glasgow, Umeå, Brno, Parma and Gdańsk are sharing lessons learnt while accelerating the smart city model across Europe at conference...

Millennials are Taking Over the Internet—And the Economy

If you're a millennial, chances are you've been told you're entitled, lazy, and selfish. But despite all the negativity, there's one area where millennials...

10 fun facts every coffee lover should know

1. Europeans love coffee Globally, we consumed nearly 10 billion kilograms of coffee in 2020. Europeans consumed more than 3 billion kilograms of coffee, making...

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