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Monthly Archives: April, 2022

Prince Boris Tarnovski will be the Guardian of the Crown of Bulgaria

Kardam Tarnovski's son succeeds Simeon II The grandson of Simeon Saxe-Coburg - Prince Boris Tarnovski will be the guardian of the Crown. This was decided...

Scandal with “Kremlin‘s banker”! Will he be expelled from France?

A Brussels private foundation has called on the French Council of State to annul its decree granting French citizenship to former Russian oligarch Sergei...

Financial Times: Bulgaria teaches the European Union a lesson on natural gas

Sofia has refused to sign new payment terms for Russian natural gas because it considers it at risk of losing control of payments and...

ACME Project: The Space Station’s Quest for the Secrets of Fire

There is still much we don't know about the complexities of flame behavior. A series of investigations were conducted on board the International Space Station to better understand combustion phenomena.

This is why we should NOT yell at our child

Of course, all parents are aware that yelling is not the right pedagogical approach. But we often raise our voices anyway. Is this really that harmful?

Denmark stops vaccinations against Covid-19

Denmark has suspended its vaccination program against Kovid after health officials said the virus was under control. All other restrictions in Denmark were lifted...

Interesting facts about gold

From ancient times the people tried to own as much gold as possible. This precious metal often caused major wars in which tens, even...

Human Rights Watch: risks for refugees in Poland

(Brussels) HRW.org – Refugees from Ukraine, particularly women and girls, face heightened risks of gender-based violence, trafficking, and other exploitation due to lack of systematic...

Ukraine received a Tesla Powerwall – what is it

American billionaire Elon Musk, who recently bought Twitter for $44 billion, has given Ukraine another gift. SpaceX CEO handed over Tesla Powerwall stations to...

Treasure of 1290 coins found by an amateur with a metal detector in Switzerland

Amateur archaeologist Daniel Ludin discovered a cache of fragments of pottery and coins dating back to around 330 AD near the 13th-century Wildenstein Castle...

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