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Monthly Archives: July, 2021

Enjoy the best of British Shooting and raise funds for the GWCT

World-class shooting grounds West London Shooting School and multi-award-winning country sports group Sportarm have teamed up with the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust to...

Rare Charity welcomes nine Secondary School Scholars

With the start of a new school year in Malawi, Rare Charity has successfully implemented its “Back to School Project”, an initiative undertaken to...

“We could not have foreseen”: Merkel orders Bulgarian-Macedonian dispute over crises in Bosnia and Kosovo

This was said by German Chancellor Angela Merkel at her last - virtual - summit of the Berlin Process. The leaders of the Western Balkans, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria and France also took part. Germany has chaired the Berlin Process since January 1, 2021.

People who believe in conspiracies – narcissistic, antisocial, distrustful

The 21st century is the time of technology and the Internet. All kinds of information are quickly and easily accessible. Conspiracy theories, the people who spread them, and those who believe in them multiply exponentially. A typical example of recent months is the COVID-19 pandemic and the entry of the 5G network and technologies, for which opinions are widely and polished.

Hundreds were killed in shootings in the United States over the weekend of Independence Day

Independence Day in the United States turned out to be unbelievably bloody, according to summarized official statistics, quoted by BNT. The data are from the Archive for Violence with Weapons and refer to the period from Friday to Sunday - July 2-4. According to the data, at least 150 people were killed in the period July 2-4 during shootings in the United States. It is about over 400 shootings.

US commandos will try an anti-aging pill

The magazine dealing with defense issues quotes SOCOM chief Tim Hawkins.

Microbes in the stomach of cattle may be the answer in the fight against plastic

Scientists have found these microbes in fluid extracted from the stomach - the largest compartment in the stomach of ruminants. These are ungulates such as cattle and sheep, which rely on microorganisms to help break down the coarse vegetation they feed on.

Greece has solved one of the greatest mysteries of archeology

Gareth Owens, linguist, archaeologist and Erasmus Program Coordinator at the Cretan Institute of Technology, has unveiled a new study that he estimates solves 99 percent of the mystery of the ancient Greek Phaistos disc.

A New Zealand farmer has been convicted of mistreating his sheep

A New Zealand farmer has been convicted of mistreating his sheep after 226 of them were euthanized, the BBC reports. The animals were severely malnourished and sick, which necessitated their killing. Bevan Scott Tate will spend nine months under house arrest and will also do a total of 150 hours of community service.

Slovenian PM: Progress is possible with RS Macedonia in October if agreement is reached

The Prime Minister of Slovenia Janez Janša held a press conference after his address to the MEPs on 06.07. in Strasbourg and stressed that progress in the process of enlarging the Community with Northern Macedonia is possible in October, if the member states agree, the Albanian-language Skopje-based TV channel Alsat-M reports.

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